18CH DMX Digital Dimmer

18CH DMX Digital Dimmer


Innovative digital DMX dimmer pack with 18channel for wall mounting use. It possess the stand alone function as well as the use with DMX controllers for dimming. For stand- alone function, the user can select any one of the 12 built-in programs with adjustable speed. For DMX use, it can be connected 1-18channel with the DMX address set from 001-512. Control curve can be selectable from Switch to Linear. With the function of power failure memory, manual, master/slave.
Item name: 18CH Digital Dimmer
Unit size: 482X404X88mm
Unit weight: 10kgs
Item features:
Digital LCD display, DMX input
Max. current/channel: 5A
Max. output/channel: 1150W
Max. power output: 20700W
Fuse: 6.3A/channel, with neon lamp indicates the working situation of each fuse
With neon lamp as individual output indicators
With neon lamp as individual channel indicators to show the channel intensity 
Microcomputer control
Separate DMX addressing for each channel
Built-in 12 programs, speed adjustable
Phase correction activates linear dimming (0-100%)
Control curve selectable from switch to linear
Electronic protection against overheating and short circuits
Power failure memory

Product Origin: china
Model Number: ck-210
Brand Name: OEM

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